Billiards Club

The MSOE Billiards Club aims to foster a community for students with a shared interest in cue sports regardless of skill level. Through this community, they intend to provide students with a place to communicate, practice, and enjoy billiards with people who share their passion so that all may improve their skills and enjoy the sport further.

MSOE Archery Club

The Archery Club's goal is to teach students about the sport of archery, from a beginner level to competition, and to make all members efficient and accurate in the sport of archery.

MSOE Disc Golf Club

The MSOE Disc Golf Club is a campus organization that is dedicated to bringing together the disc golfing community to share the experience, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game while meeting new people.

MSOE Fencing Club

Fencing club teaches interested students the fundamentals of fencing in a safe environment, strives to uphold the honorable traditions of foil, epee, sabre, and rapier bouts, creates an environment where members can use fencing as a means of individual athletic growth and intellectual growth, and works to increase the visibility of, and access to, the sport of fencing among the MSOE community.

MSOE Fishing Team

The MSOE Fishing Team focuses on bringing together anglers of all experience levels to discuss, share, and enjoy the sport of fishing. They focus on helping each other grow in the sport they love and try to introduce new experiences to our members. They try to do the most they can in order to give the best possible fishing experiences possible.

MSOE Bike Club

The MSOE Bike Club brings together students who enjoy riding their bikes. Whether it be a slow stroll along the lakefront, exploring the many different areas of Milwaukee, long road rides, or mountain biking trails, all students of varying experience are welcome to enjoy their favorite type of ride.

MSOE Ice Skating Club

MSOE Ice Skating Club is a vibrant and inclusive student-led ice skating club dedicated to promoting the art and sport of ice skating on our campus. We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for ice skating enthusiasts of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced skaters. Our club offers a unique opportunity for students to improve their ice skating skills, engage in friendly competitions, and foster a sense of community.

MSOE Rock Climbing Club

The Climbing Club of MSOE promotes healthy lifestyles through the sport of rock climbing and to create a positive environment for students to exercise and learn about climbing both indoors and outdoors. We connect MSOE students through weekly open climbing days at the nearby gyms and occasional trips for more advanced climbers.

MSOE Skiing & Snowboarding

MSOE Skiing and Snowboarding Club connects MSOE students interested in skiing and/or snowboarding at resorts both close to and far from Milwaukee. They also aim to teach members how to improve their skills in one of or both sports, how to better maintain their equipment, and provide a community of students to ski and ride with.

Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

This student-athlete-led organization works together with other SAACs in the NACC and Division III athletics to advocate for student athletes and coordinate opportunities for MSOE community engagement in athletics.

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club aims to bring people of all skill levels and backgrounds together to play table tennis for both friendly and competitive play. The club meets weekly and hosts tournaments at least once per semester.