MSOE Disc Golf Club

The MSOE Disc Golf Club is a campus organization that is dedicated to bringing together the disc golfing community to share the experience, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game while meeting new people.

MSOE Fencing Club

This club teaches interested students the fundamentals of fencing in a safe environment, strives to uphold the honorable traditions of foil, epee, sabre, and rapier bouts, creates an environment where members can use fencing as a means of individual athletic growth and intellectual growth, and works to increase the visibility of, and access to, the sport of fencing among the MSOE community.

MSOE Fishing Team

The goal of the MSOE Fishing Team is to promote the sport of fishing, both casually and competitively. The team attends fishing tournaments, expositions, and trips as well as hosting our own tournaments to help accomplish this goal. Members of the team will be permitted to fish both MLF and Bass Master tournaments, as well as use any and all team equipment.

MSOE Lifting Club

MSOE Lifting Club (MLC) is an organization focused towards encouraging students to engage their physical well being through exercise.

MSOE Mountain Bikers

MSOE Mountain Bikers (MTB) aims to bring together students interested in biking around the city of Milwaukee or on local trails. This organization also aims to teach students about biking, the benefits of biking, and to understand their bikes and how they operate. MSOE MTB is meant to be a way to introduce the different disciplines of biking, mainly mountain biking, to those who are interested.

MSOE Rock Climbing Club

The Climbing Club of MSOE promotes healthy lifestyles through the sport of rock climbing and to create a positive environment for students to exercise and learn about climbing indoors and outdoors. We want to connect with MSOE students through the sport by planning events to promote wellness across campus.

MSOE Roundnet Club

The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students of MSOE to learn and play the sport of Spikeball in a friendly and competitive environment. We plan to meet once a week and set up nets and play Spikeball (Roundnet) on campus. Our goals are to eventually set up open campus-wide tournaments to promote out club as well as the sport of Spikeball, to anyone who is interested.

MSOE Skiing & Snowboarding

The goal of MSOE Skiing & Snowboarding is to build a community of MSOE students that ski and snowboard together, as well to be a way for complete beginners to learn about and try the sports.

MSOE Unicycle Club

MSOE Unicycle Club is for anyone interested in unicycling or learning how to unicycle. Our mission is to increase public knowledge of unicycling and how awesome it is. We will teach people to ride a unicycle and have a place where fellow unicycle riders can get together to ride.

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club fosters recreational playing of table tennis at MSOE and promotes friendly and competitive playing amongst its members.