MSOE provides students a wide variety range of organizations to showcase classroom skills in real world applications and competitions. Many of MSOE’s STEM Organizations win national and international awards in their fields.

Visit the WE Energies STEM Center at MSOE webpages to learn about the wonderful facility we have on campus to support STEM.

Google Developer Student Club

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are community groups for college and university students interested in Google developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

Fluid Power Club (FPC)

The Fluid Power Club is all about exploring the vast world and applications of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. We provide students with an organization that gets students interested in fluid power, provides networking opportunities in the fluid power field, and provides an atmosphere of non-judgement to learn more about fluid power and its associated technologies.

MSOE Artificial Intelligence Club (MAIC)

The MSOE Artificial Intelligence club exists to connect students to opportunities related to AI. We provide educational activities and presentations, connect students to mentors in the MSOE faculty and Milwaukee community, and host community outreach events to increase public awareness of AI concepts.

MSOE Robotics

MSOE Robotics serves as a hub for students who are interested in robotics at MSOE. Combining professional opportunities, competitive project teams, and volunteering events, we aim to help students find their passion in robotics and provide plenty of opportunities for them to learn. We partner with various FIRST Programs in the area to support the robotics ecosystem in Milwaukee, giving students an opportunity to mentor and volunteer in-need teams in the area. Competitive teams allow students to expand on their technical abilities and compete against other universities in multi-disciplinary events.

MSOE Robotic Surgery Club

The MSOE Robotic Surgery Club is a new student led organization that explores topics related to the advancement of medical technology and treatment. We offer project opportunities, learning experiences, and various other ways to get involved this coming school year.

NASA Lunabotics

The purpose of this organization is to supply students with the opportunity to design, fabricate, build, program, and test a mining robot that can compete at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Raider 3D

Raider 3D is MSOE's 3D-printing club! Join the Raider 3D community to discuss all things 3D-printing, get help with your printer, and have fun!

Society of Automotive Engineers: Baja Club Team

The Baja Club Team is an organization dedicated to designing, building, testing, and competing with a compliant vehicle for SAE Mini Baja competition(s). Members will gain hands on experience, learn to work effectively in teams, and reap the rewards of building something with their own hands that will positively represent both themselves and MSOE alike.

Society of Automotive Engineers: Formula Hybrid

Formula Hybrid is one of many design projects that Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has to offer. It is often regarded as the most challenging and complex of the collegiate design series. The goal of the team is to build a 1/2 scale prototype hybrid race car to compete in a series of dynamic and static events. The team has had a legacy of success within the past few years including winning the international competition in 2017 and has been the highest ranked team among the US consecutively since 2015. Formula Hybrid is a cross-discipline organization that is open to any student regardless of major. Members include ME's, EE's, IE's, SE's, CE's, BE's, and business students.

Society of Automotive Engineers: SuperMileage Team

The SuperMileage Team is a SAE Design Competition team that participates in two competitions in the U.S., the Shell Eco-Marathon and the SAE SuperMileage Competition. The team is composed of freshmen-junior level students of all majors. The goal of the design competitions is to build the most fuel efficient vehicle while maintaining good engineering practices. The project allows students the opportunity to design, test, and build prior to their senior design projects allowing for a great learning experience. Leadership opportunities are available to all grade levels with many freshmen and sophomores taking on their own design projects with mentoring from others on the team.