Circle K

Circle K International is part of the Kiwanis community and is the college equivalent of Key Club, which is present in many high schools. The organization is a service organization that does service projects, fundraisers, and other such activities for charitable purposes. Circle K also believes in having strong ties with all chapters, and there are several social events held each year that allow for networking and leadership skill development

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB at MSOE is just one student chapter of the larger EWB-USA which in turn is one non-profit in the global engineers without borders movement. Our organization’s goal is to use our engineering knowledge in partnership with communities to empower them to meet their needs and find appropriate solutions to their problems. Our chapter is partnered with the Municipality of Joyabaj in the Quiché Department of Guatemala. We are not capable of doing everything we do without guidance and assistance, so we are aided in our efforts by the Wisconsin Professional Partners Chapter and the Guatemalan Office. A typical project requires assessing, design, planning, and fundraising and we normally have at least one implementation trip per year where we go to the project location and help build it. Projects we have worked on include schoolhouses, bridges, water systems, and more.To learn more about our projects, click here.

Engineering World Health (EWH)

EWH inspires, educates and empowers the biomedical engineering community to improve healthcare delivery in the developing world.

Feel Good

FeelGood is an innovative, non-profit, food service, apparel, and event planning organization that work towards the goal of a world free from suffering, hunger, gender discrimination, and other Sustainable Development Goals by raising money for the Commitment 2030 Fund. We believe that with inherent goodness in people and altruistic business practices combing, we can provide the needed synergy to make this world a better place.