College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students must receive a score of 50 or more (unless stated otherwise) to receive advanced standing at MSOE.


Business Law, Introductory

BA-2331: Business Law

Financial Accounting

BA-3501: Principles of Accounting

Information Systems and Computer Applications

BA-1801: Introduction to Computer Methods and Applications

Management, Principles of

BA-2442: Management Principles

Marketing, Principles of

BA-2661: Marketing

Macroeconomics, Principles of

BA-2222: Macroeconomics

Microeconomics, Principles of

BA-1220: Microeconomics

College Composition

GS-1001: Freshman Studies

College Composition Modular

GS-1001: Freshman Studies

English Composition with or without Essay (no longer offered)

GS-1001: Freshman Studies

Freshman College Composition (no longer offered)

GS-1001: Freshman Studies

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

HU-421: Literary Genres

American Literature

HU-423: American Literature

English Literature

HU-422: British Literature


HU-485: Fine Arts

French Language, Level 1*

HU-410F: French I
HU-411F: French II

French Language, Level 2**

HU-412F: French III (Score of 62)
HU-413F: French IV (Score of 62)

German Language, Level 1*

HU-410G: German I
HU-411G: German II

German Language, Level 2**

HU-412G: German III (Score of 63)
HU-413G: German IV (Score of 63)

Spanish Language, Level 1*

HU-410S: Spanish I
HU-411S: Spanish II

Spanish Language, Level 2**

HU-412S: Spanish III (Score of 66)
HU-413S: Spanish IV (Score of 66)

American Government

SS-453: American Government

History of the US I: Early Colonization to 1877

HU-445: United States History I

History of the US II: 1865 To Present

HU446 United States History II

Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648

HU-440: Global History I (The World to 1500)

Western Civilization II: 1648 to Present

HU-441: Global History II (The World Since 1500)

Educational Psychology, Introduction to

See General Studies Dept. Chair

Human Growth and Development

SS-462: Developmental Psychology

Psychology, Introductory

SS-460: Foundations of Psychology

Social Sciences and History

See General Studies Dept. Chair

Sociology, Introductory

SS-471: Sociology


MA-136: Calculus for Engineers I
MA-128: Analytic Geometry
Business Majors
MA-129: Business Calculus

College Algebra

MA-127: College Algebra II

College Mathematics

No MSOE Advanced Standing offered

Precalculus (with Trigonometry)

MA-120: Precalculus Mathematics


BI-102: Cell Biology and Genetics (Score of 60)


CH-200: Chemistry I (Score of 60)

* Level 1: Equivalent to the first two semesters (or 6 semester hours) of college-level foreign language work.

** Level 2: Equivalent to the first four semesters (or 12 semester hours) of college-level foreign language work.

Natural Sciences

No MSOE Advanced Standing offered

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