Fostering growth of the MSOE Mindset is a priority of the CREATE Institute at MSOE. Teams of CREATE Faculty Fellows and CREATE Student Fellows are working across campus to ensure our graduates are leaders of character, responsible professionals, passionate learners, and value creators. The teams are creating a culture that inspires students to develop the mindset and skillset they need to solve the complex challenges of today and tomorrow by providing transformative student learning experiences that connect academic, community and industry needs.  

“I use the MSOE Mindset every single day and it has proven to be beneficial in my life thus far. I am passionate about everything the mindset promotes,” said Dakota Cole, a civil engineering student and one of the first CREATE Student Fellows. “I am very excited about the opportunity to share the immense benefits with others while being a role model for the mindset.”   

Those sentiments were echoed by Dr. Joshua Carl. He would like to help prepare students with more opportunities to work on interdisciplinary teams. “In industry, almost all their products teams are going to be multi-disciplinary,” said Carl. “They’re all going to be working together to produce a product or to solve some problem, and if we get them that exposure in school, that will better prepare them for what they’re going to do in the future.”     

Starting this year, the CREATE Institute is also focusing on faculty development, serving as a center for teaching and learning for the university. A robust faculty onboarding program was launched in September, and a series of professional development opportunities has been planned for the academic year. 

“The CREATE team is providing diverse faculty from around campus the opportunity to learn with and from each other,” said DeAnna Leitzke, director of the CREATE Institute. “Through this process, our faculty, who truly are extraordinary, are living the very mindset that they are striving to instill in our students. It is very exciting!”  

The CREATE Institute provides resources to faculty, staff and students while leveraging the university’s partnerships with industry. A team of six full-time faculty and staff, in conjunction with Faculty and Student Fellows, are dedicated to helping students develop the MSOE Mindset through a wide range of programming.

2019-20 CREATE Student Fellows:

2019-20 CREATE Faculty Fellows: