Achieving our mission and delivering on the bold commitments in this plan requires us to be extraordinary. For us, being extraordinary means delivering a customer-focused university experience built on our dedication to our community and the campus where we live, learn and work.


Strategy 1: Recruit, develop and retain outstanding faculty and staff who share our core values and who are committed to personal and professional growth.

a. Create procedures and processes that support faculty and staff members in personal and professional growth.
b. Develop robust faculty and staff onboarding and mentorship programs.*
c. Develop faculty and staff recruiting relationships with select institutions, professional associations, and other groups that are recognized for their quality and diversity.

*Indicates year-one action

Strategy 2: Recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive student population that is committed to personal and professional growth.

a. Develop programs and support systems for recruiting and retaining underrepresented populations.
b. Continue to leverage co-curricular and extra-curricular programs that support students in their physical, social and emotional well-being.*

*Indicates year-one action

Strategy 3: Implement visionary and comprehensive plans for campus buildings, instructional technologies, and information systems.

a. Perform annual review of the master facilities plan and provide priority recommendations. Schedule and implement as appropriate.*
b. Perform annual review of the IT strategic plan and provide priority recommendations.Schedule and implement as appropriate.*
c. Conduct regular safety and security assessments for the campus, provide recommendations for improvements. Schedule and implement as appropriate.*
d. Standardize classroom and instructional technology and offer regular training and up-to-date process documents.
e. Standardize IT technology and offer regular training and up-to-date process documents.

*Indicates year-one action

Strategy 4: Expand fundraising to ensure our sustainability and advance our strategic mission.

a. Engage development personnel, President and Board of Regents to create fundraising strategies that engage multiple stakeholder groups and advance strategic initiatives.*
b. Build a campus culture of philanthropy.*

*Indicates year-one action

Strategy 5: Align our institutional structure and governance to support our mission.

a. Research and recommend an organizational structure that supports MSOE’s mission and vision.*
b. Evaluate the current academic calendar model, as well as additional models, to ensure that the chosen model helps our stakeholders be successful in meeting their academic and professional goals.*

*Indicates year-one action

Strategy 6: Apply an efficient and sustainable operations business model to fulfill our commitments.

a. Evaluate faculty pay best practices compared to MSOE’s macro/micro-load model and move to a system that is more fair and less complex.*
b. Assess and develop funding resources for initiatives and to strengthen financial sustainability.*
c. Perform an annual review of the enrollment level expected and the financial aid packaging plan that supports the overall strategic plan.
d. Expand to a multi-year financial plan that links mission to resources.*
e. Evaluate key business processes to identify and implement improvements and efficiencies where possible.
f. Develop an enterprise risk management program.

*Indicates year-one action

The KPIs to Measure our Commitment: