Responsibility: Campus Infrastructure

Key Stakeholder(s): Faculty, Students, Staff

Goal and Rationale

Goal: To measure the extent of implementing visionary and comprehensive plans for campus buildings.

Rationale:To ensure safe learning, living and work environments exist for all constituents of the campus community. In addition, the loss of value, utility and building appearance in an increasingly competitive environment for students continues to emerge in the market therefore a measure of student satisfaction is measured. 

Definition and Collection Plan

Formal Definition:Utilizing the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSI) both the importance and satisfaction of the students is measured for (1) Living conditions in the residence halls are comfortable (adequate space, lighting, heat, air, etc.) and (2) On a whole, the campus is well-maintained.

Frequency:  Annually

Comparison Group(s): 5-year Historical Trend


Variables:Importance and Satisfaction with Living Conditions / Importance and Satisfaction with Campus

Audiences:  Administration, Board