Responsibility:  Marketing Communications

Key Stakeholder(s): Prospective students, prospective families, corporate partners, community, general public

Goal and Rationale

Goal: To measure the extent of awareness of MSOE throughout the communities we serve and those we want to reach.

Rationale: Short-term indicators of brand awareness include web interactions. Other indicators are tracked, but these are viewed as those that have a long-term impact and most relevancy to the current strategic plan. Web interaction is measured through total webpage visits along with new visitors. Long-term indicators are measured through top-of-mind (unaided) awareness captured via a brand awareness study.

Definition and Collection Plan

Formal Definition: Web metrics are provided by Google Analytics and include total site visits and new visitors as determined by IP address. Top-of-mind awareness is defined as the first brand that comes to mind when an individual is asked an unprompted question.

Frequency:  Annually

Comparison Group(s): 5-year Historical Trend / Aspirational Group / Peer Group


Variables: Web Analytics / Undergraduate Student Applications

Audiences:  Administration / General Public