Responsibility:  Institutional Effectiveness 

Key Stakeholder(s): Faculty, Staff, Students

Goal and Rationale

Goal: To measure the extent of recruiting and retaining a diverse and inclusive student.

Rationale: The key to recruiting and retaining a diverse student population lies in the measure of inclusion as determined by the culture of the community in which they are engaged. In addition, research has shown that both recruitment and retention can be influenced by the representation of faculty and staff. Therefore, recruitment and retention goals will be established for similar diversity groups among faculty and staff. The extent that MSOE’s culture aligns with the values which embrace an inclusive culture will be measured as a part of the Value-driven Culture KPI, so the focus of this KPI is on the impact to our student, faculty and staff populations.

Definition and Collection Plan

Formal Definition: The diverse populations in which recruitment and retention goals will be established will be determined after initial assessment of a variety of diversity indicators ranging from ethnicity, socio-economic, program, and more. From initial data goals will be established and annual achievement tracked. All established recruitment and retention goals will be based on a percentage of the total recruitment or cohort group for students, and total full-time employees for both faculty and staff.

Frequency:  Annually

Comparison Group(s): 5-year Historical Trend / Aspirational Group / Competitor Group / Peer Group


Variables: Percentage of Recruitment Goal Met / Percentage of Retention Goal Met

Audiences:  Faculty, Staff / General Public