MSOE is an inclusive community of students, faculty and staff dedicated to continuous individual exploration and the academic freedom to explore fields of interests. We have a passion for engaging members in a respectful, responsive and ethical manner while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We extend this ethos beyond our campus by cultivating sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships that transcend the expectations of our partners.


Strategy 1: Ensure that our core values govern constituent interactions with the university, everywhere they occur, so that all community members feel supported and appreciated. 

a.  Prioritize and support the work of the Culture and Values Committee.
b.  Ensure all employees know our core values and incorporate them into annual reviews and goal setting.
c.  Complete a biennial cultural assessment to identify strengths and opportunities.
d.  Conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey and use results to guide actions.
e.  Articulate and publicize our position and plan on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
f.  Engage the community in fully implementing our culture through seminars, workshops, retreats or other deliberate training sessions.
g.  Continuously reinforce and sustain culture with language, traditions, celebrations, visuals on campus, and events that align with our shared values.

Strategy 2: Increase opportunities for meaningful and significant student, faculty and staff interactions.

a.  Provide physical and digital spaces and opportunities that allow for and promote faculty, staff and student collaborations in curricular and co-curricular experiences and also with faculty and staff at other universities.
b.  Enhance purposeful extra- and co-curricular opportunities to strengthen our community on campus and online.
c.  Commit to the resources required to maximize student outcomes.
d.  Utilize virtual environments to convene people across units and throughout the university in ways that promote communication and collaboration, including expanded presidential forums and similar events.

Strategy 3: Increase awareness of MSOE throughout the communities we serve.

a.  Complete an analysis to determine key audiences to meet awareness objectives including those related to academics, recruitment, athletics, community and corporate engagement, alumni relations, and career connections.
 b.  Engage marketing and public relations staff to develop a reinvigorated and comprehensive marketing plan to support our strategic priorities.
c.  Engage and invite the broader MSOE community to participate in telling the MSOE story and being “brand champions/ambassadors.”
d.  Engage and support student organizations in community outreach events throughout southeast Wisconsin and in competitions throughout the U.S. and the world.
e.  Identify opportunities to increase outreach at industry events (e.g., conferences or trade shows).

Strategy 4: Increase community engagement to foster deeper connections between MSOE and educational, corporate and community organizations in ways that maximize attendance and impact.

a.  Explore additional opportunities for attracting and engaging PLTW students from Wisconsin and beyond.
b.  Create a “pathway into MSOE” for area high schools to broaden and deepen their relationships with the university.
c.  Explore additional educational partnerships with area colleges and universities.
d.  Expand and deepen engagement with the community surrounding the MSOE campus.

Strategy 5: Increase alumni involvement to better connect them with one another and with MSOE through in-person and virtual events.

a.  Conduct an alumni engagement survey to understand current engagement, barriers and opportunities—particularly for recent alumni—and repeat the survey on an annual basis.
b.  Strengthen engagement with the Alumni Association.
c.  Support and enable a commitment to lifelong learning and preparedness of our alumni through robust professional education offerings and career counseling in person and online that serve their expressed needs and the demands of a continuously changing market.
d.  Expand opportunities for alumni to engage with MSOE in ways that benefit them and share their experience with current students.

Strategy 6: Ensure satisfaction of our internal and external stakeholders in their interactions with MSOE.

a.  Conduct an internal audit to review current communications among internal and external stakeholders and evaluate staffing needs to foster effective internal and external communications.
b.  Research and implement best practices for a portal for disseminating communication across campus to stakeholders.
c.  Work with the administration, faculty and staff to maximize the impact of the Career Connections Center for alumni, students and corporate partners.
d.  Evaluate the need for an events planner position to coordinate internal and external special events to ensure a positive and inclusive experience whether online or in person.

The KPIs to Measure our Commitment: