Responsibility:  Office of Academics

Key Stakeholder(s): Faculty, Students, Staff

Goal and Rationale

Goal: To measure the successful development of a funded, nationally-recognized, application-oriented undergraduate research program.

Rationale: Participation in undergraduate research has been shown to have significant impact on student success through a number of outcomes including, but not limited to, increased engagement and learning along with the development of critical thinking and other transferrable skills that allow students to explore career and graduate education options. Faculty engagement is a critical component of a successful undergraduate research program.

Definition and Collection Plan

Formal Definition: Participation in undergraduate research will include any faculty and student who participates in one or more research activities outside the classroom, within an undergraduate research or independent study course, or curriculum integration.

Frequency:  Annually

Comparison Group(s): 5-year Historical Trend


Variables: Unique Student Participants / Unique Faculty Participants / Participation Distribution

Audiences:  Faculty, Staff, Students / General Public