Commitment to Learning and Discovery

Strategies and Actions Owner / status Update
Strategy: Enhance success throughout our learning community for students, faculty and staff.
Action: Continuously study the opportunities and challenges that face incoming and current students; identify, pursue, and implement strategies to improve student success. Baumgartner
In progress
Task force has been organized with Jill Meyer and Angela Moureau serving as co-chairs.  The committee has been gathering insight from additional faculty and stuff on campus along with student information.  The committee is beginning to look more in depth at retention and graduation data and plan to provide initial recommendations on key focus areas by the end of the academic year, which will include action items.
Strategy: Enhance MSOE’s educational programs to deepen experiential learning and focus on the development of the professional
Action: Optimize review processes for existing educational programs to ensure their fitness with the University mission, values and strategy. Meyer
In progress
Program Directors Council will be evaluating various assessment practices during the current academic year and putting forward a recommendation for CAP review.
Strategy: Ensure that all students use real-world projects and initiatives in their field of study or extracurricular interest to benefit society and the communities where we live and work.
Action: Establish a center responsible for defining, identifying, and tracking success of such opportunities. Baumgartner
The CREATE Institute has been established and has completed the hiring process for both staff and faculty positions within the Institute. 
Strategy: Enable all full-time faculty to engage in ongoing, meaningful, and productive scholarly activities.
Action: Facilitate widespread faculty scholarly activities and professional development with mentorship, teaching assignments, space allocation, equipment and recognition. Baumgartner 
In progress

Task force created. Co-chairs: Steve Williams and Patrick Jung. A series of recommendations for broadening facilitation of faculty scholarly activities and professional development have been developed.


Strategy: Raise awareness and understanding of scholarship throughout MSOE.
Action: Have Faculty Senate and Faculty Council form working definition of “Scholarship at MSOE.” Baumgartner