Laptop Program

The program ensures that students, faculty, and staff have a standard set of tools - both hardware and software - that increase efficiency, connections, learning outcomes, and meets a majority of their wireless computing needs, thus producing a wireless laptop campus environment. MSOE students are provided with the tools that they will need to be thrive in our ever growing technological environment. The program is more than just a laptop computer! The laptops come equipped with what students need from the start to end of their time at MSOE. Students receive a laptop computer, access to necessary software, wireless and wired connectivity on campus, service and support (Help Desk), network storage, email and black and white printing. Students are welcome to purchase optional accessories to complement their MSOE laptop. Any questions about compatibility can be directed to the MSOE Help Desk. Color printing is also available across campus at a cost to the student.

What You Get

You have a notebook PC 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Take notes in class. Record data in laboratory sessions. Prepare reports and papers. Develop presentations utilizing specialized software. Send emails to your professors. Research the Internet. The fee covers:

  • Laptop and power cord
  • Replacement provided at 3rd year
  • Ownership after graduation with a bachelor’s degree upon meeting all criteria of the laptop computer program
  • On-site laptop and user support including repairs
  • Guaranteed loaner if your computer needs service
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint - we will maintain current virus protection on your machine

Where Can I Use it?

You can connect into MSOE’s computer network from the residence halls or public areas, the library, labs and classrooms across campus. Or, go wireless — it’s available throughout campus.

Is it Mine?

At the end of your senior year, most students will own the computer. As long as you graduate and allow us to remove the software (per our licensing agreements with software vendors) and adhere to a few other details, it’s yours.

Printing "Follow You"

The laptops are configured to print via the print management system. You will need your MSOE ID card to release your print job. Laptops print to the any available public printer on campus. You must be on campus or connected to VPN.

Wireless Internet Access

The MSOE Wireless Network provides Internet access throughout the university. Laptops on the domain will attempt to connect to the wireless network automatically with the credentials of the logged in user. If you need to manually connect, please use your MSOE domain user ID and password.

MSOE-Guest is intended only for guests and visitors and only provides rate-limited access to the internet and not MSOE resources.

2023-2024 Technology Fee

Full-time undergraduate students will be charged $745 per semester. The technology fee includes participation in the laptop program, supports information technology, printing services, network usage, and other related services. Accelerated nursing students will also be charged $500 for the summer term. Students in other programs will be charged $15 per credit.

Part-time undergraduate students, registered for 1-11 credits, will be charged $15 per credit. Part-time graduate students registered for 1-11 credits will be charged $30 per credit. Part-time and graduate students can opt-in to the laptop program for $150 per semester.

In addition to the laptop services listed above, additional services covered by the technology fee include:

  • Access to necessary software for all degrees (depending on your degree program, you may be required to obtain additional software. It also may be possible to purchase some software with textbooks at a discounted price.)
  • Access to internet through campus network
  • 1TB of cloud storage
  • Cloud based email allowing access from anywhere
  • Wireless access
  • Black and white printing

Laptop Spec Sheets