Success Coaching

A Raider Success Coach is a collaborative relationship between a professional staff member from the MSOE community and an incoming student to support their transition to the university, recognize and maximize their potential, connect them to MSOE resources, and empower personal accountability in their learning and development. Your coach will work one-on-one with you to achieve your personal and academic goals, such as:

  • Time management
  • Procrastination/Motivation
  • Test preparation
  • Note-taking and Reading strategies
  • Study Strategies
  • Communication with Faculty and Staff
  • Personal WellTH (well-being & health)

Request a Raider Success meeting.

Raider Success Ally

A Raider Success Ally is a current MSOE student working to support an individual student’s ability to not only survive but thrive at the university.  The Success Ally supports another MSOE student in achieving their stated goals in overcoming hurdles, obstacles, and adversity.  Success Allies share personal knowledge of success strategies through the following means:

  • Accountability Partner Program - Having trouble staying on top of your work?  Lack the motivation to get things done?  Request an Accountability Partner 
  • Students Leading Students Skills Sessions - Does it seem like everyone else finds college easier than you?  Join a Students Leading Students session to learn the Raider Way!
  • Success Course Mentor - The MSOE Success Courses help students intentionally explore a path to long-term success and confidence.  Participate in one of our success courses and be paired with an upperclassmen to help navigate MSOE.  Request an OR course.

Success Courses

The Raider Success Courses are designed to support a student in their individual reflection, implementation, and assessment of strategies that help achieve desired goals.  Utilizing tools found in corporate industry, counseling and developmental psychology, the courses aid in personal empowerment on overcoming adversity. Courses may be required as a result of academic performance but enrollment could be considered as a result of advisor/coach referral or personal interest.

RSC 0101 Foundations of Student Success
In taking this course, student work to achieve their goal grades through strategy utilization and individual goal setting.  Instructors teach core components of learning and development to optimize a student’s approach to time management, organization, study habits, and prioritization.  Student will work with one another to identify, implement and asses strategies to leverage academic success.

RSC 0102 Academic Coaching and Support
For students who are looking to bolster their academic confidence and readiness, this course is a great follow up to the RSC 0101 Foundations of Student Success.  Students will reflect, identify and adopt strategies to support their personal and academic goals.  The instructor will help the student examine academic concerns, build a sense of belonging and purpose, and guide them to reach their full academic potential.

RSC 0103 Perspective, Potential and Purpose
During a student’s college tenure, loss of motivation can often result in a lack of clarity for long-term goals and/or academic performance.  In this course, students will examine their values, interests, and priorities to build internal motivation towards their long-term goals.  By exploring MSOE’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness, class participants will leave knowing how to lead a well-balanced, productive.

RSC 0104 Mind, Mood and Movement
Energy is a vital component of learning and productivity.  While pursuing a college degree, students may experience a loss or lack of energy in their progress towards degree completion.  Class participants will explore the Eight Dimensions of Wellness as it related to building energy for the tasks required to maintain healthy habits for long-term goals.

To register for an OR course, use the Course Scheduler or contact the Course Coordinator: Cassie Vosters.