Success Ally

As a Raider Success Ally your MSOE experiences will help support students' ability to not only survive but thrive at the university. Success Allies support MSOE students in achieving their stated goals in overcoming hurdles, obstacles, and adversity. Apply here!

Peer Tutor

RCAS tutors will tutor students in scheduled weekly meetings in a 1-1 and small group setting. Tutors must have a “B” or better in any course that they wish to tutor. This is a great opportunity for you to help your fellow students, develop teaching and communication skills, all while reviewing content critical to academic success. Apply here!

Why Work For RCAS?

"RCAS Tutoring has been the most helpful resource I've ever had on a school campus. They've helped students like myself to fully grasp concepts in full detail of any challenging class" - Louisa Essuman, Sophomore.

Dominic Palermo (SE) - Tutor

"I like being a tutor for RCAS because I like helping students gain confidence in their major specific courses. Being a tutor also helps me become a better student by reviewing material and will allow me to be a more knowledgeable engineer when I graduate from MSOE. If I could give students any advice on being successful at MSOE it would be to work hard and put the time in, so you are prepared."