Dr. Steve Mayer

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-7321 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S250 Faculty Resume
Associate Professor

Dr. Andrew McAninch

Department: Humanities, Social Science, and Communication
Application Systems Hardware Technician

Deidre McCain

Department: Information Technology
(414) 277-4520 Campus Center: 3 FLR
Music Director

Sidney McCain

Department: WMSE
(414) 277-2217 Krueger Hall: KH 1
Project Manager

William McClung

Department: Rapid Prototyping Center
(414) 277-7399 Krueger Hall: KH 2

Kathleen McCoy

Department: Raider Shop
(414) 277-7173 Campus Center: CC148
Maintenance Technician

Patrick McCue

Department: Facilities
(414) 277-7160 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: SG55

Mike McGeen

Department: Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
Administrative Assistant

Rebecca McKeown

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-7350 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S236
Professor, Program Director

Dr. Russell Meier

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
(414) 277-2243 Walter Schroeder Library: L349 Faculty Resume
STEM Programs Coordinator

Michael Meilicke

Department: STEM
(414) 277-7520 STEM Center: ST206
Director of RCAS

Daniel Meiser

Department: Raider Center for Academic Success
(414) 277-2577 Campus Center: CC348
Physics Specialist

Edward Meltz

Department: Raider Center for Academic Success
Custodian II

Dennis Mentel

Department: Custodial
Accounting Assistant

Annemarie Messner

Department: Finance Office
(414) 277-2704 Campus Center: CC428

Dr. Richard Mett

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-7313 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S241 Faculty Resume
Assoc VP Academic Success/Institutional Effective.

Dr. Jill Meyer

Department: Academics
(414) 277-7365 Campus Center: CC421
Admissions Counselor

Sean Meyer

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-7140 Campus Center: CC109
Director, Fluid Power Institute

Paul Michael

Department: Fluid Power Institute
(414) 277-2238 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S141 Faculty Resume
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Kathleen Miezio

Department: Rader School of Business