American Dining Creations

All students will have access to unlimited meal plans allowing them to eat when they want and as much as they wish in MSOE’s Dining Commons, located in the Campus Center building. The unlimited meal plan is a robust program; students can enjoy as much or as little as they need to stay healthy and focused without worrying about when and how to dine.

Two-Year Residency Requirement

During the two-year residency requirement, students who live in one of MSOE’s Residence Halls (including Grohmann Tower floors 4-7) participate in the unlimited meal plan. Using this plan, students eat in the Dining Commons when they want and as much as they wish from Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. and weekend hours 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

After the Residency Requirement

Students who have met the residency requirement or who live off campus are not required to have a meal plan. Meal plans are optional and available to meet individual students' needs.Students who live on campus and have met the residency requirement or live off campus have a few dining options.

  • Purchase the unlimited meal plan.
  • Purchase a block plan.
  • Purchase meals on-campus as needed.
  • Choose not to use the meal plan and dining services.

Equipment Available for CheckOut

General equipment, such as kitchen utensils, games, vacuums, and sporting equipment, such as soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs, and basketballs, are free to all residents.


Two RJ45 connections are available in each room for access to the Internet and interconnection between rooms for work groups.  Students in Margaret Loock Hall and Regents Hall should bring a computer router for their room.  Viets Tower is already equipped with native routers for each room.


Debit (using the Raider Plan on one's MSOE ID Card) pay washers and dryers are located in the basement of Margaret Loock Hall and Viets Tower (connected to Regents Hall).  Instructions on how to load money onto the card can be found in each laundry room.


MSOE students can park on campus in our parking complex. Contact Public Safety (Campus Safety) at (414) 277-7161 for more information about obtaining a parking pass.

Raider Plan

The Raider Plan (using one's MSOE ID Card) debit system is used on copiers, vending machines, laundry machines, at the bookstore, the dining facility, the Viets Tower convenience store, and various off-campus locations. The Raider Plan is not the meal plan.  More details are available on the Raider Plan information page.

Residence Hall Mail

Mail is delivered to the MSOE residence halls each weekday. Packages are received through the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Amazon, and other carriers.

The mail is delivered to a student's mailbox in Margaret Loock Hall. For Viets Tower and Regents Hall, the mail is held at the desk for students to pick up.

Residents are notified by email that they have a package. Packages may be picked up at the main desk of Margaret Loock Hall or Viets Tower during posted hours of operation. Packages not claimed within a reasonable time may be returned to the sender.

Official postal service outgoing letter mail pick-up boxes are located in the lobby of the Margret Loock Hall and Viets Tower. Residents of Regents Hall will have mail packages waiting for them at the Viets Tower front desk. A U.S. Post Office is located at the corner of Jackson and Juneau Streets, about two blocks east of the residence halls.

To ensure prompt delivery of student mail, all correspondence and packages should be addressed as shown below:

Residents of Viets Tower
Viets Tower, <ROOM NUMBER>
Milwaukee School of Engineering
1121 N. Milwaukee St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Residents of Regents Hall
Regents Hall, <ROOM NUMBER>
Milwaukee School of Engineering
1121 N. Milwaukee St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Residents of Margaret Loock Hall
Margaret Loock Hall, <ROOM NUMBER>
Milwaukee School of Engineering
324 E. Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Residents of Grohmann Tower
233 E. Juneau Ave., <ROOM NUMBER>
Milwaukee, WI 53202